What is the theme of the E Book ‘The Tao of Badass?’

Some guys are insured and shy and it is because of these two negative aspects in their nature, they are not able to seduce a hot girl as they do not have knowledge for how to approach a girl.
They want to ask a beautiful lady for a romantic date but they tend to become nervous as they have the fear of rejection at the back of their minds.

However where there is a problem, there is a solution too.If you are one of those guys who get very anxious when speaking to any girl, then you do not have to worry anymore as the famous dating coach Joshua Pellicer has brought a program which will completely change your body language and you grow more confidence to date with any girl whom you like.

And believe it; she will not reject your proposal when you want to take her to a memorable candle light dinner.This program is actually in the form of an e-book known as The Tao of Badass. Josh has authored the book in which he has revealed the secrets of how to seduce and date a girl.

He has compiled some of the most effective and amazing seduction methods that he had learnt during his course of study and thorough research. It is a remarkable guide in which the author as a teacher teaches techniques of seduction to men. In fact, the book has become very popular and the young men are really following the vital advice and tips to gain success in wooing a girl.

Have you ever wondered why some smart but not so good looking guys are able to befriend and hang around with any girl they want to while other handsome men just fail to even start the initial conversation? The answer certainly lies in the book The Tao of Badass.

Its author Joshua Pellicer has become a familiar name in the dating arena over the past four years. He has established his name all because of his dating guide that he has especially designed for men who cannot express their feelings to any woman or cannot talk or feel the shyness while talking to a girl. In fact, several guys have thanked Josh for introducing this product which never was available anywhere in the world.

This book fills one with full of confidence and changes the entire perspective of looking at a woman or approaching her. It is because the author has written this book only after studying the psychology of women and comprehensive understanding the relationship of a man and a woman. He has been hosting a number of television and radio programs where he resolves the problem of men related to dating issues.

He would have never written this book had he not faced a broken relationship at the age of seventeen. After the failure of relationship, he made up his mind to study female psyche and observe how it works especially when the dating is concerned. His book is the end product of his extensive years of research on the subject and he became a well experienced dating coach and pick up artist.

The Approach of the Author

The author Joshua Pellicer has implied a unique and effective technique for gaining the attraction of the women and then to date them accordingly. His approach is very systematic and he focuses on these major theories when beginning to converse with the women.

  • According to Josh, be the person you are and do not try to show off when you are conversing with a women. In short, do not lose your originality.
  • Try to create humorous situation and make the girl laugh. If you do not learn this quality, chances are you will not be fair with her.
  • It is extremely important to learn the technique of communicating with the girls. The author during the course of his study found that women are more social than men and they prefer to date guys who know how to talk interestingly.
  • Do not disclose everything about yourself and let some incidents of your life be hidden in your mind. Try to be a little mysterious. Although do not conceal everything from her.

In this book, the author does not use the tone of ‘be you’ for encouraging and motivating his readers. Rather, he has opted for simplified steps so that is easier for readers to comprehend better and not lose the track. For each part of the system, you encounter a problem; a chapter has been dedicated to demonstrate how the problem actually took place.

The author has devoted one separate chapter for explaining the body language of the man and how he should present himself in front of any girl. In this important chapter you would learn about how to project your body so that the girl is able to observe best side. The confidence level certainly has to be on the higher side. You also need to have an accurate posture to reflect your strength and significant personality to attract woman. The chapter has been named as “The System”. However, in the other chapters you will read about how to tackle various circumstances that helps in becoming a badass in wooing the girls in spite of embarrassing situations.

Justification of the Title

As far as the title of the book ‘The Tao of Badass’ is concerned, it completely justifies with the theme of the book. If one literally explains the meaning of the title, it means ‘Everything you have to know to be a complete badass with women.’ However, the author has not taught guys to become a total douche.
After completion of the program you will not only attain the skill and the knowledge but also get the right attitude and outlook needed to persuade a woman. You will certainly get an edge or have an added advantage over the other males. The reason why the techniques adopted by the author are so very effective is because he has used real life experience, scenarios to explain a given situation and also pointing out not to apply the common age old methods and cheesy pickup lines.
The book focuses on these vital points in detail-

  • Twelve Tao Badass Tips you were not aware of
  • Corny pickup line
  • The book tells you how to seduce a girl
  • Effective and useful dating tips and
  • Some dating advice and vital tips for men

Please do not be under the misconception that the book is only to be meant for young college going guys who are searching for effective ways to date a girl but any common decent man can read it and buy the book and learn the true art of gaining the attention of the woman.
Both men and women have different thoughts and approaches and men are actually not aware about the psychology of the women. You will also get to know about the female psyche and this will create a much better understanding and relationship between the two opposite sexes.This indeed will allow you to communicate more freely with the other gender.

What is the theme of the E Book ‘The Tao of Badass?’
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