Ways to Get that First Kiss

The first- kiss- is -something that many people nervously look- forward- to. As much as this first kiss can be great, it can also be a source of stress to other people, as they wonder if they will do it correctly for the very first time. For you to boost your likelihood of making your first kiss memorable, you need to learn a few fundamental tips for kissing.

Pick the right time- It is always important to find the ideal moment to kiss, but is much more important if this is going to be your first kiss. This is so as you will always remember this moment for the rest of your life. You should therefore, pick a time which you- will gaze- back upon lovingly. You should never attempt to kiss her in a public place, but instead find a private place that is conducive to romance.

Keep your eyes closed- Let your kiss to be a romantic kiss, permit yourself -to- experience -the feeling more efficiently, by keeping your eyes closed as you go in for your kiss.

Make it easy- For- your- first- kiss, you need to make it simpler. Later when you have some experience, you can now try some different styles of kissing. Do not feel like you are under a certain pressure to make- your- first -kiss -a- fancy one, just put your heart- on- making- it more romantic and tender.

Start soft- A -soft- kiss- is usually more romantic and definitely easy to give. Keep it soft and gentle; brush your partners’ lips lightly in a loving and tender manner.

Give your partner a response- Kissing- is- a -two way thing. You should not completely disregard the response that your partner is giving in this fanatical exchange. But instead stay thoughtful to- how- she -takes the signal. If she moves closer, think of extending- the -kiss -as she is probably into it. If in case she seems uncertain, keep the kiss sweet and short, as this looks to- be -what- she wishes.

Hold her hand- kissing is a form of touch which is very intimate. Ensure that you touch- her shoulder or hand sometimes during or before flirtation or conversation so- as to- ease- that- first- contact. If in case you haven’t- touched -her- that much yet, you can- take- her -hand -before you look up to her-eyes. Just hold her hand softly, as you do not need-to-do-anything special with it. You can now look at her in the eyes and be-able-to-tell if she is in for it.

Kiss-her-on-the cheek for a start- if closeness and cuddling have come before the moment of kissing, kissing she on- the-cheek-is the best way to start into a more intimate- mouth- kiss. This is because a -kiss- on- the-cheek-is-seen as an adorable and a casual act, this will help her to relax and also lighten up her mood. It is a show-of- gentleness and it will also display to her-that-you-are specifically into her, not only to-what-might-happen later.

If you carefully follow the above steps then you will be sure of having a memorable first kiss that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Ways to Get that First Kiss
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