Utilize eye contact techniques to create powerful attraction

Role of eyes in creating powerful attractive forces find use in use in every field of social dealings today. Utilize eye contact techniques to create powerful attraction.

  • Communication
  • Social dominance
  • Social interaction for developing meaningful relationships
  • Aggression
  • Scapegoating
  • Shyness
  • Altruism

The first five are the positive projections of the eye contact methods. The last two are the softer aspects that nevertheless find mention because they form a limit of interaction. One should utilize eye contact techniques to create powerful attraction.

History of Body language and Eye Contact

The Greeks Aristotle and then Hippocrates were the first experts in body language study and interpretation. Charles Darwin developed some of the ideas in the 1800s but since then, nothing much has transpired. Body language reveals your inner feelings. They eyes mirror the inner person. Even today this manta to utilize eye contact techniques to create powerful attraction is found to be useful.

Eye expression forms a most vital part of body language. Body language is the soul of communication; it finds extensive use in drama and theater. Body language conveys the feelings you feel towards others as well as towards yourself.

Varied Nature of Eyes

In fact, eyes can look neutral and even listless without any expression or life in them, but if the body action is very positive, then that will carry the day. Some people stay still and let their eyes to all the talking. These are people with a presence. These people do not have to wave their hands around or move around the place to prove a point.

How body language contrasts with Eye language

One can indicate tiredness and displeasure through a bowed head or by repeated and constantly shaking of the head. The eyes may be open or closed, but the body action will indicate that the person is against the course of action.

Importance at the Work Spot

Body language is relevant in the workplace too. It helps you perform better of sometimes hinder the progress of work. The ability of a person to convey an entire range of expressions that effectively convey thoughts and feelings without having to say any words is his or her personality.

Too many things to do and so little time to do it. Body language helps people shorten communication time. Effective eye contact reassures the sanctity of relationships and speeds up operations. When our eyes are open, our dealings are clearer and simpler.

Importance of Eye Contact

Eye contact establishes the identity of the person. It tell everyone just how respectable the person is. Importance of maintaining good eye contact and projecting a respectable appearance is the foundation of society and culture.

Examine different kinds of Eye Contact

To understand why it is so important and how it changes with changing circumstances let us examine the following scenarios.

  • You walk into a room and find four people seated around a table. You walk over and meet their collective gaze.
  • You enter a room and see the receptionist. She looks you over and her disconcerting yet friendly glance is busy trying to figure out where to place you.
  • You enter a hotel or a public arena and the guest there are not looking at you in the eye as much as they are looking at your clothes.
  • You are quoting some life changing philosophy and your audience disappears.

Now, hopefully you have understand why we utilize eye contact techniques to create powerful attraction

Need for posturing

Posturing is the way one pauses in between dialogue delivery or in between stares or glances in order to create effect. If one were to say, “It will rain in the evening”, there will not be any effect. If one raises one hand, swings it heavenward and says, “It will rain tonight”, people hearing it will be impressed. The same goes with tea. “I want tea”, will not get you any attention. If you place your hands on the tea table, lean forward and look at the other person in the eye and say, “I want tea” you are likely to get a bun with your tea, unless it is your mother of course.

Developing Emotional content in your Eye Contact

People consider eye contact a sign of honesty and trustworthiness. If one is able to converse without shifting eye contact, one can believe what the other person says. Yet, the eye contains a wide range of emotions. It could be anger, compassion, distrust, lust impetuousness or even jealousy. How does one know which is correct?

For this one reads the smile. The eyes can indicate cooperation, displeasure, pleasure, contempt, restlessness and a myriad of expressions. Yet, the smile remains cool and collected as if these thoughts are only imaginary. This is grit, the inner hard core of that person with the determination to see things through.

Developing the correct posture takes time and patience. The inner layer of posturing and eye contact is play-acting. People assume fictitious characters to suit the situation. The hero and the antihero are most common while some try out strenuous roles of characters from epics and ballads.

How to change the Eye Contact for different situations

For posturing, one needs a set of looks ready for use in different situations. Here is a list of looks that one would use.

  • Belligerence
  • Astonishment
  • Amused (laughter)
  • Displeasure
  • Nonplussed look (especially useful when you are in a tight situation)
  • Wise look (the one you save for children)
  • Adopting different Stances

One adopts different stances to keep a situation from falling apart. One can adopt the character of the father, stand in for the mother, act the servant’s part or even behave like a fool. Domination is not about being a hero always; it is about saving the situation. Using your skills you teach the proper way to resolve outstanding issues. Utilize eye contact techniques to create powerful attraction between the characters.

Decisiveness comes not from need but from social greed. Talking the competition with forcefulness sometimes comes apart, use of tact will save the day and keeps your banner flying high. You have to emphasize the look with the proper stance and attitude.

Utilize eye contact techniques to create powerful attraction
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