The ultimate guide to texting girls-basic rules for texting a girl

The ultimate guide to texting girlsIt’s no secret that texting has dramatically altered the dating scene, as relationships now move faster than ever before. Causing every guy’s seduction moves to be heavily dependent on texting. And giving us the advantage of no longer having to call for dates; as we simply text her when we’re free and wait for a response. Texting girls, has made life easier-and here’s why.

Your nerves are reduced.

Most guys will never muster the courage to approach a strange girl. And even if they do, they still have to follow up and carry a good conversation. Which is the best thing about texting girls, as it actually gives you enough time to think about your responses. And naturally further enhances your seduction skills, allowing you to relax and have smooth conversations; Take your time fellas, it’s on your side. Just be cool and let your fingers do the talking- you’ll thank me later.

No more mixed messages

When you have time to reply your thoughts become clearer, giving you the time needed for witty responses. Have you ever been at a loss for words at one time or another? I’m sure you have, as we’ve all been there. And that’s the beauty of being texting girls, because it enables us to no longer miss the subtle nuances of spoken words; as the message is right there in black and white.

Immediate conversation.

Since we’ve been able to send text messages to girls, we no longer have to wait for them to get free Prom their busy lives. We just give them a text and Bing! We can make plans right then and there. How many times you been put on hold with the infamous “I’ll call you back” soon? That scenario is a rarity these days. On the other hand, if you want to send her a random message to tell here that “she’s absolutely beautiful”, you can. At any time or place, no matter what you’re doing.

So there you have it

Our generation is the most technologically spoiled in history. Just think about how slow the courting process was 100 years ago. That’s right; you would have to send a hand-written letter. Even 20 years ago, you would have to leave a voice-mail and wait for it to play. Texting has been the greatest invention since cell phones! And I’m sure every man in the world would agree with me. As it simplified the dating life for everyone. Leaving one to wonder what the next breakthrough will be, as face-time is now here. I guess well have to wait for the ability to teleport, but for now texting will do.

Basic rules for texting a girl

Relationships can be a blessing or a curse but either ways they are like a heaven’s paradise in a person’s life (at least till the time everything is cool). the start or the first step is for the two people to get to know each other and as a stereotypical image it is generally the men who makes the first move. so guys if you get it right you are sure to experience that heaven’s paradise with the lady of your dreams. in today’s world texting has proven to be a great platform for expressing or saying things that you cannot say face to face or even on the phone. But still in texting a girl also there are certain keynotes that should be followed.

With the recent advancement on technology, texting is becoming a part of many people’s personal lives. And whether you like it or not, texting will tube here for the long run. And being a guy, you are held responsible for keeping conversations spicy and interesting. The good thing however is that this for the most part works to your advantage as it allows you to make up enticing and witty replies from a place of comfort. It is an art that is fairly easy to master and with the following basic rules for texting a girl, you will be a pro before you know it.

Use proper grammar

When chatting with her, it is a no-brainer that you want to pass across as intelligent and mature. The easiest way to achieve this is to avoid using improper grammar in your texts. Improper grammar is not only a deal breaker but also a huge turn off for many girls. Don’t get me wrong, using shortcuts for some words once in a while is okay but excessive use is not. Before you send that message, be sure to check the grammar as well as the spelling.

Use emoticons

Sending a wink or a smile is a great way to add emphasis on what you are saying or just pass for being flirtatious. However, their excessive use can be distracting. It is a great idea to stick to the use of a single emoticon in each text messages.

Do not send too many texts

Sending more than two texts for every text she send makes you seem too invested or too eager. You shouldn’t think too much but instead go with the flow and pace of the conversation. If she takes an hour to reply to your message, take a few minutes yourself before sending a reply.

Text her only during reasonable hours

This is obviously unless she works very late into the night. Otherwise, texting her at three in the morning will not earn you points. Moreover, whatever you have to tell her can wait till the following day. Also if you had too much to drink, be very cautious with what you type in.

Keep the conversation light

A girl would love to see a text from you that is intriguing, cute and makes her smile. You should however not get too personal as it will not be worth your while and you would rather save that for face to face conversations. Now that you have the basics, you should use them to get yourself a date. To do this, you could suggest an activity that you both love. Make it sound casual as she will be more inclined to accept the invite. A point to note however is that these are just some of the tips. You could research some more to find others that have worked for other guys.

Men seldom makes a lot of mistakes while texting a girl. the most common being unintentionally making fun of her. remember most girls are sensitive cases. so ignoring their sensitive part and saying something offensive in your jokes can totally put her off and you can end up being blocked by her permanently. men should be extremely careful about the language that they use in front of girls. harsh words not the way to go.

Obviously its a universal fact that girls like being pampered and praised but praising them too often again can be messy as they often don’t consider themselves as little girls but grown women who of course needs to be praised and pampered but not even too much and too much of praising can make a girl end up feeling like you are either just being sarcastic or just saying all those things out of mercy to make the poor soul feel good about herself in case she has low self confidence. another trick is try being clever. remember girls love a person with a great sense of humor but also remember be funny when required but don’t even be too funny.

There is no need to crack a joke at every line because then you will end up only as a joker in front of her eyes who is just there to make her laugh and nothing else.girls really love it when a guy plays tricks on her and leaves her wondering about your sense of humor. the girl is wooed by your little funny stories so there is no harm in telling something a little embarrassing about your childhood but it will be better if its only about the childhood .always remember to be loving caring and giving a sense of security to the girl in your texts and alongside maintaining your manly essence.

The ultimate guide to texting girls-basic rules for texting a girl
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