The Top 5 Reasons Men Get Rejected

Love is a game in which everyone gets rejected at one point or another. However, the most important thing to note is the reason why you have been rejected and what to do improve the chances of getting accepted. For those starting to date the way a man presents himself in front of a woman is very crucial because it determines whether he will be accepted or rejected. Here are the top five main reasons why men get rejected.

1. Lack of understanding of the body language

Women always get attracted or interested to a man who demonstrate confidence in himself. This is the confidence many men lack because they end up just boasting and flirting to show their manhood to women. It is important to show your prospective date that you feel good the way you are and have full control of the situation. This is where the aspect of body language comes in because people communicate primarily through their body language. It is good to note that your words may lack any meaning if you present yourself in bad manner. Women have the ability to recognize whether a man has real confidence or just pretending. Low self esteem makes men rejected because women like men with high self esteem which can be demonstrated by the body language.

2. Failure to match atmosphere and energy

The society teaches that a man ought to be serious and a powerful force to reckon. However, women do not like men with such characters because they get interested in a man they can connect with effectively. It is, therefore important to assess the energy a woman has and the general atmosphere of the people that surrounds her. Many men tend to be charming and attentive while dating, but fail to note the reactions of their dates, so that they can change their approach. To avoid being rejected it is good to engage the lady and show her that you have the ability to meet her expectations in the relationship.

3. Lack of Commitment

Many men fail to be totally committed to the woman while dating. To avoid rejection it is important to show a lady that you are really committed to her and willing to makes sacrifices just because of her. Rejection comes in when a man fails to sacrifice his time to spend and talk with a woman. Most men also fail to adhere to the agreements such as dating time. This makes a women fail to take the man seriously making her turn him down.

4. Negative attitude towards the women.

It is difficult to get a yes from your prospective date if your mind is prepared ahead that you will be rejected. With such a negative attitude men fail to make their approach with confidence because of their preconceived answer that they might be rejected. It is, therefore to remain optimistic despite the difficulties that might arise in the process because this is the only way a prospective date develop confidence and trust in you.

5. Having unrealistic promises.

Men often get rejected because they just want to show their prospective dates that they can achieve so much in life. Giving such unrealistic promises only makes the women be suspicious about you or fail to trust you. It is, therefore good to be real and gibe promises that are attainable. This will help your prospective date see you in your the real sense and develop trust in you.

The Top 5 Reasons Men Get Rejected
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