The tao of badass author-Joshua Pellicer

joshua-pellicerEvery man wants to be with their dream girl. Every heterosexual man that is Sadly not every man is lucky enough to be with this girl. This is where Tao of badass lends a hand. He offers these men a nicely written menu that guarantees success in this “hunt”. The author of this program is a one Joshua Pellicer. He was an average guy born in 1982.

During his years in college he got hooked to the complicated psychology of human beings. Especially the attraction between men and women. His first discovery was that women did not exactly give a lot of attention to the physical appearance of the men who approached them, it was the manner of which they were approached that made a difference. With this information came the ideas that led to the birth of The tao of badass pdf.

He started his own radio station named “Game On” where he helped the not so out spoken guys get the women of their dreams. Within a couple of years Joshua was referred to as the top pick up artist trainer. In his program he explains how the one skill that is vital to guarantee success is CONFIDENCE. Joshua explains that with confidence it gives way to the other steps. These steps include GAINING TRUST, GETTING ATTRACTION and last but not least GETTING THE WOMAN IN BED. It makes it easy for men to spot women, talk to them, or in his words, spot a woman who is “make-out_ ready” or ready to be seduced.

The author Joshua Pellicer bases his concept on reality, which is appealing to his readers. There is a curve ball though, Joshua’s tricks do not work on shy girls. They tend to see right through these men and not fall font. But I must say. Joshua does capture every aspect of the dating seen.

The tao of badass author-Joshua Pellicer
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