Learn Insightful dating Tips From A Master

So much has been said about the now famous Tao of badass system, some good and some bad. In fact, there are numerous sites with pages and pages of reviews causing more confusion than clarity, thus necessitating a short, concise and candid summary. Initially, the Tao of Badass was a pdf ebook written by the now renowned author and dating coach Joshua Pellicer. The aim of the book was to provide men with insightful dating tips so that they could always know what to say, engage effortlessly with confidence, and turn the heads of hotter women. As it turned out, almost all men were in need of such an intuitive guide. The book became a huge hit catapulting Pellicer into the top relationship expert in the country. He became a force to reckon with when it comes to approaching and dating women. He even appeared on numerous TV and radio talk shows. So much was the success of the guide that he turned it into an entire dating company known as the Tao of Badass Inc.

What Is In Tao of Badass Course?

The first thing you need to understand is that today, Tao of Badass covers plenty of things. It is more of a tried, tested and proven system presented in an ebook, training videos, various audio files and webinar tips. It offers a guide on how to meet and pick up women, how to get them to bed, or how to build a lasting relationship with them. However, the system is not about being a jerk who is trying to put every woman you meet to bed. It highlights how to deal with the commonest scenarios, which happen to be where most men go terribly wrong. Pellicer also has a lot to say about how you can use body language to boost your chances of attracting women. He teaches men to learn to harness the power of body language to appeal to, seduce and deal with women.

Summary Of The Ebook

The ebook contains the gist of the program. It is packed with 152 pages of priceless information for a decent man who wishes to learn to truly draw and hold the attention of attractive women. It also has valuable lessons for men who are already in relationships but are not getting a desirable outcome from it. It teaches you how to deal with rejection and avoid frustration. In fact, the book is divided into 10 chapters each dedicated to a crucial subject. It covers topics like understanding the gender roles, building the kind of confidence women admire, the biggest mistakes men make with women, reading body language, passing the tests women put you through regularly, and creating love. This is unlike any other dating book. Pellicer uses a unique approach advocating for originality, humor and mysteriousness when dealing with women.

Is It Worth Your Investment?

It is very easy to determine whether an internet program is going to be a great buy by just reading the sales page. Are you still single? Do you want to get hot girls? Do you want to enjoy great sex with hot women? Or are you simply struggling to find that special woman to love, and who loves you back, in a relationship where you are happy and safe? If the answer is yes, then this comprehensive, stud factor-enhancing course is worth your investment. For a course that delivers so much value, Tao of Badass is surprisingly very low priced. Pellicer could justifiably offer and price this program in the hundreds of dollars but he chooses not to. Instead, for just the price of your Friday night out with pals, you can gain access to the entire course and get your dating game going including free bonuses from the author himself.


Sadly, this program is not for everyone. If your only interest is manipulating women, then don’t invest in it. If you are hoping to find a script to memorize and fake your character like most other dating experts ask you to do, this is not for you. If you fear rejection and don’t plan to put to use the techniques, save your money. However, if you desire to be better than the average man, and want to master the art of seduction, then by all means get yourself signed up and order Tao Of Badass!

Learn Insightful dating Tips From A Master
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