The tao of badass review

tao of badass review“The Tao of Badass” is a book by Joshua Pellicer about the psychological connections men can make to be successful with women in terms of dating and in any other dealings. Joshua Pellicer is a relationships adviser and is famous for the “Game On” show in the United States. This paper is a Tao of Badass review intended at determining whether the information presented by Pellicer is useful or not.

First of all, Joshua Pellicer gives several ideas about how men can go about making connections with women. One of these is overcoming fear upon seeing their potential target. Pellicer advises that men should, upon identifying their targets, quickly approach them lest their psychology convinces them otherwise.

Pellicer goes ahead to enumerate and explain in detail the various stages that involve a successful date. From the gaining confidence to getting trusted, getting attraction, and getting girls in bed, Pellicer does a great job and delivers what he promises in the book’s introduction So far, Pellicer’s methods are simple and effective with many of his readers giving positive responses.

What is surprising from the book is that, with all the attempts it makes to demystify women, it does not explain to men that the reasons to success in women lies within their own characters. Pellicer’s methods do not apply to everyone given that differences in character invalidate some of them. An introvert would have a very different approach to women when compared to an extrovert.

In essence, Pellicer’s methods mostly favor extroverts since they are mostly about ‘dominating’ and ‘coming out. This Tao of Badass review, therefore, sums up Pellicer’s book into three statements the first of which is that it is not fraudulent like many books in this genre. The second statement is that it is a well-written book with many real-life applications. Lastly, it has little use to people who are characteristically introverts.

The tao of badass is about general relationship challenges and we should go about it. this book gives a clear analysis of how people engage from the day they meet o the road to when they make love. The tao of badass is written for a man in relationship firstly, man has to understand the gender roles he is to know who should make the first move in this book tao of badass man understands his confidence and how much he can do to stop a woman and chat her he should know the tricks of approaching a woman according to the situations he finds the woman in.

How can you stand storming time,much as you find them challenging. The book is so interesting to read and tackles real life issues which affect each of us body language is also mentioned in this seductive tao of badass to an extend one understands what facial expressions and what confidence to pose when meeting a woman. This guide mentions the many mistakes that man is bound to make right from the day he meets this woman to the day he will put her to bed.

The tao of badass can really work for the people who will try and follow what it says special attention in the tao of badass is given to individuals in relationships but this can spread out to guys who have inferiority complex of stopping women on the roadside the tao of badass creates the urge in humanity to try this challenges in open daylight one should also consider that this experiments can only work if you dare try to make an attempt on the said practical steps in real life.

The tao of badass review
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