The Tao of Badass review from a middle aged woman’s unique perspective

I can see some merit to this philosophy but relationships are not so typecast. Some of these tactics are good advice but really, plugging into a woman’s love center by stating that you sense she is into trying new things, yeah, sorry fellas, I don’t see it If any guy said that fume at any time in a relationship a red flag would go up and I would exercise extreme immediate caution. If my husband uttered such a phrase, he would likely be very sorry, very quickly.

I have to admit, some segments I found truly comical while others really made me angry. A lot of the psychology seems to generalize women and their responses. I find that generalization lobe degrading to women. Believe me, we are all unique and there is no stereotypical way to isolate our responses. I cannot even predict my response to certain remarks from one day to the next. I have a good friend that believes compliments she has received lobe insults. She runs these scenarios by me and I tell her the she should see the compliment but instead she feels angry and insulted. For this reason, I say the Tao of Bad ass could be a terrible waste of money for the desperate male.

The advice to look at a woman’s lips when she is speaking to you, while I do not know if that will cause her to want to sleep with you. I would find it much more welcome than having the focus on my breasts. I would also believe that the advice to not stand facing a woman directly when you first meet her could be beneficial as someone taking a direct frontward stance may be perceived as a threat. I did agree that at least for me, looks, money, the car you drive, etc are of lesser importance than showing you are interested in what I am saying. Remembering little details goes very far beyond the amount of money in your bank account. I am attracted to men that are paying attention, that I know are capable of protecting me if necessary but at the same time give me the freedom to be my wonderful self.

I think this technique employs some basic psychology which is not so mysterious at all I think if you can get past the generalization of women these techniques could be employed by both sexes and many could be utilized to improve your ability to get along and the quality of any relationship. I do not believe these techniques would work in every situation, relationships are two part and that being said there is much more to it than employing some psychological technique. I think a guys time and money could be better spent getting to know the person he thinks he wants to bed and I think when a guy does that he improves his chances of getting laid regardless.

Further, if the claims were true, come on guys, do you really want all these women chasing you? Have you ever encountered the possessive and obsessive female who will chase you and not leave you alone even after you show you are not interested? Be very careful with your wishes, you may find them coming true.

The Tao of Badass review from a middle aged woman’s unique perspective
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