The good and bad of younger men dating older women

younger men dating older womenWell have you thinking dating a hot older women but are afraid of society and anxious about how to deal with women ? If so, you’re not alone my friend. A recent survey result shows older women are desperate to find a younger man when dating online. There have been increased cases of younger men dating older women in thriving and satisfying relationships. Younger men have realized the good things about dating these senior girls. However, the benefits of dating an older girl still comes with some drawbacks but in this case the benefits exceed the drawbacks.

The Benefits

The Great New Experience

Most young men have dated younger women at some point in their lives and often times the relationships have ended on a sad note because of the endless issues encumbering them. Younger women are known to be full of drama and truth be told, most of them have a lot to learn and are still immature. Since the young men are still immature too, they often times don’t know how to handle the issues arising which is why most of them opt to end it Therefore, the relief that comes with dating a more sober, mature and experienced older girl is so great and quite refreshing that most young men stay in such relationships for years.

Better Lovers

Older women from 35 and above are at the peak of their sexual lives and are looking for younger men who will match their passion. They often turn out lobe better lovers for the younger men, thanks to their years of experience and better understanding of what makes great sex.

The independence

Most older women are already established career or business women and are independent. They therefore don’t require any financial support from these younger men. This is a far cry from their younger counterparts who are very demanding of their young boyfriends, expecting to be wined and dined on regular basis and supported financially.

The Financial Support

Most older women are financially stable and in exchange for a great time offered by these young men, they tend to meet most of their financial needs and turn an otherwise difficult life into a more smoother one.

Less Commitment, No insecurities

Most relationships with these senior girls are clearly defined. The woman knows what she wants and she is already past her insecurities. The man too will understand the boundaries of the relationship. Most of them are just in it for a great time and not really commitment which makes the younger men take a break from the dinginess and insecurities that are common with the younger women.

The Drawbacks

Past Baggage

This older woman has definitely had her fair share of boyfriends, husbands, children, aftermaths of bad relationships, career pressures and so on. This woman will at times not be willing to spend time with her boy-toy because she has this part of her life to attend to She might not be available whenever the younger man needs her and will only be available when she needs him.

The Rules Are Hers

In such relationships it is the older girls who have a say in the relationships. The rules will always be made by her and she will decide when to meet, when to part and how the relationship should run. She will decide whether or not there should be a commitment and when to end it for good. The younger men most of the times have to go with the flow something that is quite ego-battering.

The Judgment Of Society

As much as there are many cases of younger men dating older women, it isn’t a completely normal scenario to society. A large part of society still considers this a taboo which is very unlike a younger woman marrying a man twice her age. Younger men getting involved with older women are judged just as harshly as the older women. Most of them are tagged all gold-diggers’ by the women of their age, their parents never approve. In this case secrecy which is not a good thing, is the best option for them. However, if they feel too uncomfortable, the very best solution is ending the relationship.

The good and bad of younger men dating older women
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