Stop wondering and find the reason why a girl doesn’t text back and the solutions

Have you ever got a girl’s number and texted only to see that she does not reply? Well, this is not just your problem; there are other guys out there who face similar situation. But the most important question that comes to your mind at this time is, whether you should text her or just leave her alone.

Why girl doesn’t text back me? She seemed to like me a lot? If you have similar questions on your mind, there are certain things that you must know before you make your next move.

Reasons why she won’t text back

The basic reason why girl doesn’t text back because you looked needy. Guys, you just need to stop acting so desperate. You simply lack abundance mentality and all these shows how you text a girl. In simple words, when a girl gives you her phone number it doesn’t mean she is head over heels for you.

All you need to do is wait for the right time to text her and not act desperate. But there are other reasons too as why a girl does not text back. Even though it might break your heart into pieces, you have to accept that she might not be into you. This is really possible since a girl giving you her number doesn’t guarantee she likes you a lot.

The next obvious reason is she might be busy. There is no reason for you think she is always staring at her phone waiting for your text. The next reason might be that you got the wrong signal. You might make a mistake in reading her eyes at the night club. Have you thought about it? Well, another reason might be really simple, she might not know who texted her. She might not have given attention to texting someone she doesn’t know? Sure that didn’t strike you, right?

Know when you to cut the bait

When it comes to girls and texting there are a lot of things to consider. For instance, if you text her on three different occasions and you don’t receive a reply, it is a sign for you to move on. Sending her three texts on the same day doesn’t count. You must send it on three different occasions and keep your fingers crossed.

Remember, if she doesn’t have time for you, you don’t time for her. She might be interested you at the club, but sadly, weren’t texting her anything interesting to grab her attention. When you text her remember to say something flirty and something from the time when you both met to draw her attention. Try to remind her something that would make her reply to your text.

What to do if a girl doesn’t text back

In many cases, the reason why a girl does not text back is because you did not make a good first impression. Do not worry and assume like nothing has happened. When a girl does not text you back, it can have many meanings. Settle down and think of the positivity. In most cases nothing really happened, apart from the anxiety created by the mind.

Feeling angered or distressed as a result of a girl not texting back can go on to a future interaction. Getting annoyed or is the sure way to push her away. Bury the hurt feelings. Wait a few days prior to texting her again. Just as you are simply a stranger to her, she is also a stranger to you too. You do not know her yet, so do not get intimidated or sad about the fact that a stranger is not replying to your text messages.

The right attitude is lighthearted persistence. If she does not reply the first time, wait for a day then text again. If she doesn’t reply that day, wait for 2 to 3 days and text her again. If she does not reply to that, wait a week or so. Anything more that, and you can try something crazy. Text her with the intensions of taking her out for a date Your intention is usually to get her out Propose a get-together with her in that text exchange.

If a girl has gone cold on you, then it is time to try somewhat crazy stuff this can be done by texting her something curious. When a girl doesn’t text back, you might feel anger, or an emptiness in your stomach.

The most essential thing is to not let it disturb you Calm down and know that it possibly might not be your fault, and cautiously plan your next move.

If she is too shy, a polite, affectionate voicemail might work the trick, or toning along your texting if you are coming across to compelling or too “loud.” Conversely, if it feels like too much of a state-shift for her, sharing some more ordinary details of your personal life and inquiring about hers via text message. This may turn out to be the point where it helps her realize that you have a “human side” and not just a texting freak. It is also very important to know the right time for texting her

Stop wondering and find the reason why a girl doesn’t text back and the solutions
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