Some Things To Never Say To A Woman On A First Date If You Want A Second Date

Having a first date together is meant to be a very special experience from the onset. Therefore, a man should do all that he can, to not only make a very good first impression on her. He should also, do his very best to make her feel awesome from the onset, something that will definitely work to his advantage. Nonetheless, there are dos and don’ts for first dates, and one of them is to make sure to not say the wrong things. So, with this said, here are some Things to Never Say to a Woman on a First Date if you want a second date.

First of all, even if she is drop dead gorgeous in description, do not shower her constantly with all sorts of compliments from the get go. This is not the way to win her over. You need to do something that will get her to trust you, as well as, to like you. If you overdo it on compliments, it will not be the way to go, and it will only prove to be something that will make her think you are just like other men.

What this translates to is this. Repeated compliments aren’t only boring and predictable in nature. They can also, prove to be your downfall in her eyes, and make her believe that you are just praising her looks and not her at all. Good looking women are very aware of the fact that men do compliment them, based on their beauty alone, and this is not what they want.

They want to be liked for who they are, not just for their good looks, and this is understandable. You, as a man, should put a woman on a pedestal because you like her. It’s not all about how good she looks. So, with this said, don’t hit her with a barrage of compliments that will only serve to make you look shallow and careless. You want to be seen as a special man in her eyes, not like every other male on the prowl, who will flatter her about her looks to get what he wants from her.

Flattery doesn’t always get you everywhere, therefore, do ease up up on it. If you do want to separate yourself from the rest of the male pack, you can do this, by employing another means to get her attention in a good and sincere way. What is this way? You need to strive to be different, and part of doing this, is by engaging her on an emotional level. This action is something that will help to make you appear more interesting, unique, and real to her. Avoid being too visual with her. Don’t get an urge to impress her. If anything, you should not ask for her approval, instead you should get her to seek approval from you. There is nothing more stimulating on a first date, then a man, who switches things around. Get her to put in extra effort in order to win you over. A man should exude confidence and not insecurity. You can tell her that she is making mistakes and must try harder to gain your favor. This is something that will make the date a whole lot more playful and help to create sexual tension that leads to attraction.

Another thing that a man should never say on his first date is very obvious. Never bring up any ex girlfriend or gush over her. Past loves should remain to be just that. Do not mention or talk about any ex loves on a date. This is something that can make your female date not only nervous, but also paranoid, and it will signal that you are not over her yet. Your new date will feel that she is wasting her time with you. She will also feel that you aren’t available and that she doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance getting close to you. No woman wants to compete with another. Therefore, never talk about any ex loves on a date with a new woman you are dating. It will not only kill the first date, but also, any chances you hoped to have for a second date with her.

When a man is out on a first date with a woman, he should know, as well as, practice dating etiquette of the very best kind. This means that he should never say anything rude to the woman he is dating for the first time, or any time, because it just isn’t proper or right. Some of the things he should avoid saying is this. He should never tell her that she isn’t his type. Also, he prefers to date blondes, as opposed to brunettes. Personal opinions are something he should keep to himself. Being honest is permitted, but not brutally honest, which can end up killing a first date faster than anything.

Another thing that a man should never say on a first date is apparent. If a man should say to a woman on a first date, let’s split the bill, he will be splitting his luck with getting a second date with her. A man who is a gentleman will insist on paying the bill for the date. He will never tell the woman to go Dutch treat with him. It just isn’t something that a decent man out on a date would do. Therefore, never say this to a woman on the first date, or any other date for that fact.

Some things to never to say a woman on a first date are indeed paramount, if you do expect, to be able to get a second date with her. These are rules that can help to make a great date with a woman into a memorable date. So, do follow them to the letter, and watch your dating world improve for the better on all fronts. Things to Never Say to a Woman on a First Date do indeed decide a man’s dating fate!

Some Things To Never Say To A Woman On A First Date If You Want A Second Date
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