Sanctify your marriage relation

Sanctify your marriage-relationit is appropriate for me to begin with the relationship of people. if you are a young adult and contemplating marriage, it is paramount that you consider deeply the lifelong commitment you will need to make to marriage partner. if you have decided to have children, you will be required to assume an even larger responsibility. According to capture his heart program marriage is the first institution that god gave to mankind. it is a sacred institution, that has been reduced to a sexual institution. if you don’t like one partner, hop over to the next. we are acting like animals instead of human beings, so far in our divine nature.

Living together as husband and wife is acceptable but living together, unmarried, is not. when you enter into a sexual relationship with another person who is not your marriage partner, you are disavowing the sacred institution that god gave to mankind. what happens is you are enjoying the pleasure of the physical, mental and emotional bodies of each other without the lifelong commitment to be responsible for helping one another in good times as well as bad. you are sharing god’s precious gift of your bodied, but are you fully sharing the other aspects of yourselves: your minds, hearts, and will, your hopes and fears, your sorrows and joys?

Today we find elaborate arrangements in marriage functions. one is filled with joy when one gets married, but one does not realize that the happiness of married life is but momentary. this is not true happiness’ mind tell me what gives me real happiness? is is divine proximity. these physical abusive relationships are the exception rather than the rule. people are leaving because they found someone they like better; they want more freedom or in general they didn’t get what they wanted. the feeling of friendship and love is lacking in people. pleasure and pain coexist in god’s creation. selflessness is god. to feel mine and thine is ego. it is to kill the ego that two souls are brought together. remember that marriage is not the only thing that gives you happiness.

Before Marriage who are you and who is your wife? you and your wife may sleep on the same bed, share house, car, money, but do you and her share the same dreams? no. so understanding the true meaning of marriage is very important in everyone lives .marriage, friendship and all others they are just passing clouds in our lives one day there they are and the very next day they are gone. it only your connection with god that gives you infinite love and happiness.

Sanctify your marriage relation
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