My Journey With Tao of Badass Guide

There are many young guys who cherish to have a girlfriend with whom they can go out on a memorable date and spend quality time to build up a relationship. Even though they have female friends but they want to move out of this status and create the attraction power to seduce the hottest girl.

The Tao of Badass is a complete guide which will inform you step by step process of how to accomplish your aim of attracting the girl and what the appropriate way of making a woman approach you is.

The author Josh Pellicer is regarded as a dating expert or a coach who has also talked about how you need to begin the first conversation with woman and what are the common mistakes that men commit while they are dating the opposite sex.

The Interesting Story of a Real Tao System User

Hello guys, what’s up, my name is Justin. Before, I actually begin with my story and tell you how this dating guide proved more than handy and changed the course of my life, let me give my brief introduction to you. I’m a normal looking guy with a decent appearance.

I studied at a reputed college and was a mediocre student. My activities at the college also very usual similar to what you can expect from a college going young chap. I regularly attended the classes and also went out to weekend parties to chill out with my buddies. I cannot say that I was an extremely popular student in the college but was not did not remain aloof either. I had a few female friends but they were only good ‘friends’. I never had a real girlfriend as such I was never engaged in a relationship with any girl in my entire life.

It was one aspect of my character which really frustrated me at times. I used to observe some of my male friends and my seniors in the college going out on long drives, discotheque, and movies and even on romantic dates with their girlfriends and cherished even I could have one to have the same enjoyment and fun.

Usually, I have great respect and value for woman and I was always very courteous towards my female friends. Even though I want to be true to myself in revealing that I loved to have a hot girl as my girlfriend.

Even though I wanted to confess my feeling towards beautiful girls but could not gather the courage of expressing my feeling towards them. All this was certainly lowering my level of confidence and also hampering my studies as I could not concentrate there too. Perhaps, the certain fear of rejection was somewhere hovering at the back of my minds preventing me to take a step further in this regard.

There were a few times I even confessed my feelings after possibly gathering all the courage but each time the reply was utter disappointing. They rejected my proposal sweetly by saying “Oh! mark that’s so sweet of you, but I am really very sorry my dear as I just see you as my good and faithful friend.” In fact, these words frustrated me even the more as I could not understand what was actually going wrong in my life.

Then I thought that may be presenting them with small gifts will please them and their approach towards me will change. Therefore, I started gifting them on different occasions and at times paid the dinner bill. However, my gift and dinner strategy also went in vain as they were not prepared to move out of the tag of friendship.

A Turnaround Of Events

I became utterly disappointed and decided that enough is enough. I thought that I really needed some help to get out of this irritating situation. With this intend in my mind, I decided to pay a visit to my friend David who indeed was always surrounded with girls.

Each time I met him or saw him, he was there with a different girl and that really surprised me. Their way of conversation and other actions confirmed that they were not just sharing the status of good friends but beyond that.

So, one evening after the college I headed towards his home and there I discussed all about my problems and concerns in length and detail with him. After the discussion I asked him to help me out.

David completely understood my problem and readily agreed for all the possible help. He had already worked out on plan and so he asked me to accompany him to a bar that night. I agreed to his proposal at once.

Initially our plan was to approach a few hot girls out there. He had instructed me before that I needed to follow his instructions for the magic to happen.

I certainly had no problems in making him my coach today. Both of us went to the bar as per the deal and I acted strictly upon his advice and began to approach women. David was my guide and he was telling me what to do and what not to do.

The magic happened within a week. I ended up having a date with a girl within the following week. However, I was very apprehended about this relationship as I did not want to go back to the friendship zone yet again.

So, once again I went to my buddy David for a possible word of advice or two. I asked him to help me out on that particular subject.

David said to me “My dear friend, I too was facing the same problem as you and was not getting the attraction of any beautiful girl or women either. I too had also become very frustrated and then I went to search on internet and read several articles on how to seduce women and make them obsess about men.

However, my desire and quest for getting a girl literally ended after I stumbled upon what can be regarded as one of the most renowned and authentic dating guides ‘The Tao of Badass’ written by dating expert Joshua Pellicer. It completely changed my life for good.

He suggested me to trust him and read this book thoroughly which had answers to all my queries and concerns. To be honest, I still had doubt about this e-book but however I finally decided to purchase it online.

The cost of this e-book cum dating guide was $67 but I was more than happy because I received a discount of $20 and had to only pay $47.I started to read this book carefully and believe me I was quite overwhelmed and spellbound after finishing it up. It was then I realized that why my friend David was so very successful in dating so many different girls.

The book contained such amazing facts and useful tips that I became addicted to it. Literally I finished reading the entire 152 page book in a single sitting in the afternoon. It had such great insight that it was hard to believe for me that there could be several possible ways to draw the attention of the women and date them.

I went over the course for one week before my date so that I could apply the same formula and tactics over there. Within a few days I was dating with the woman whom I wanted to date and she is the hottest girl ever- beautiful and curvaceous.

I can say that I was meeting her as her boyfriend and not just only a friend. We even broke up due to some reasons but that did not affect me at all as my confidence level had increased to a much higher level and I knew how to attract women.

Finally Becoming The Badass

Within the passage of time I have dated close to about hundred dates and received the phone numbers of hundreds of girl attracting the hottest females whom every guy will want to date. At this juncture I also want to admit that I had probably read some other dating guides as well but no other program left such as a deep lasting impression as the ‘The Tao of Badass.’

Even today I do not hesitate to imply the strategy if the book and practice my game every night with the hottest girls.I strongly recommend this book for every guy who is searching out for getting proper attraction from the females.

Furthermore, what pleased me was the fact that the program contains some videos which will help you to understand the woman psychology even better. The e book is also available in an audio format with valuable commentary from the author. In case you do not have time for reading the book, you can listen to it.

The book contains a series of priceless information and the entire course is divided into ten modules. The techniques suggested by the author are genuine, tried and tested and has been written after an extensive study and thorough research on the subject. The book discusses the psychological truths about women and if a man learns to use these to perfection then they can make any woman seductive.

I can assure you that you will surely be wonder struck as I had after going through the book and the methods. So I would say that is time to decide whether you just want be within the tag of remaining good friends or take a step further and move on to a more serious relationship to become a boyfriend of a hot looking beautiful girl. The choice is yours!

My Journey With Tao of Badass Guide
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