Know woman body language that say she’s interested

woman body languageWomen are from Venus, and men are from Mars. Okay, so not literally, but that infamous statement really seems to apply when it comes to how women express themselves—especially when they are into you. Body language is almost as complex and difficult to interpret as the spoken word; sometimes it feels like you’ve entered a foreign country when you try to understand the non-verbal things a woman is saying to you. It doesn’t have to be that hard once you know a thing or two about body language.

The Hands Know

Just like men, women get nervous when they’re talking to a love interest. When someone gets nervous, their heart rate speeds up and this uncomfortable energy builds up. Some people shift from foot to foot while others continuously adjust their arms or pick at their clothes. An unfortunate few may even end up humiliated by a nervous, uncontrollable laugh due to being so nervous. Hey, it’s normal: that energy has to go somewhere, we just all hope it comes out cool and suave.

While women may do all those things, women tend to make more subtle subconscious gestures. When women are talking to a guy (or girl) they are attracted to, a lot of women will tuck hair behind their ears or in general, play with it. When women are wearing jewelry, such as a nice pair of dangling earrings or a necklace, it isn’t uncommon for them to play with that either.

For some women, hand gestures are purely subconscious. But, some other women can wield the language of lust and love like a saber and with that, they can tell you what they want without uttering a word. Slow, purposeful movements, such as stroking her neck or accentuating her collar bones, are designed to do one thing and one thing only. The lady in question wants you well aware that she’s got these attributes and probably wants your lips and fingertips on them. Other movements, such as gentle strokes over inanimate things, are designed to get your attention too. Basically, you notice how she expertly handles an object and then your imagination does the rest.

Well Aren’t You Expressive?

You don’t need to force yourself through an hour of soap operas to know that people have very expressive faces. We have an expression for everything from mind numbing boredom to utter elation, and there’s no rule that says we can only express one at a time.

No wonder reading a woman’s face is so hard. But, if you know what you’re looking for, attraction isn’t too hard to sort out.

When women are interested in you, they usually make eye contact. A woman will look at you and more importantly, she’ll let you see her looking at you. And, she’ll do this more than once. Though, some women are extremely shy, or they may suffer from social anxiety disorder. Interestingly enough (and you could use this as an ice breaker) some people even have Homophobia—fear of eyes, i.e. eye contact. For these women, the general rule about eye contact doesn’t quite apply. But, you can still learn a lot from facial expressions.

Dilated pupils and flared nostrils are natural responses to attraction and arousal. Both men and women do it, so if you notice these tell-tale signs in the woman you’re talking to, it probably means that she’s interested and that you’re on the right track. While it isn’t a biological response, women may also subconsciously draw attention to their mouth. Smiling a lot, the licking of lips or if she’s lightly biting her lips are all signs that you’ve got her interested.

It’s All in the Body

Perhaps the most obvious, yet often overlooked sign of attraction in a woman is what she’s doing with the rest of her body. If a woman is all but running away from you, it’s a sure sign that she’s not into you. But if she isn’t, then she may be trying to tell you that she wants you! If a woman puts herself in your line of sight enough that you notice it, it may be her way of getting you to notice her and her body.

Women will often lean into you in an effort to express interest, to clearly hear what you have to say or, for that woman that feels confident about her body, to provide an enticing view of her cleavage. A lot of times women will also try to close the distance by standing closer or by sitting a comfortable, yet intimate distance from the guy she’s interested in. Another good sign that a woman is interested in you is when she accentuates the best features on her body. If a woman has great legs, she may do something like touch her thighs or calves to draw the eye there, or she may bob her foot or dangle a strappy shoe off her toes. Things like walls, desks and other objects also are good props for women to lean against and show off nice features like a curvy figure.

Crossed arms are never a good sign in body language and may indicate hostility and/or a lack of interest.

Some women are experts at using body language to express themselves. They know which look means what, who is most receptive to what look and most importantly, they have the experience and self confidence to use this visual vocabulary to their advantage. Not all women are that experienced at controlling and using body language to their benefit, but they may still be interested and attracted to someone.

woman body language

Know woman body language that say she’s interested
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