Know the secrets of how to get your ex-girlfriend back

get your ex girlfriend backMany are the times when that relationship you really valued break, and the only thing you can do is watch the woman you love walk away. Relationships end due to various reasons which cause a lot of pain and sorrow to both parties, such that, the only thing that crosses both of your minds is a possible break up.

However, after a short period away from each other, the pain tends to disappear and whenever you see this woman you develop the urge to get her back into your life. Many men die with this urge because they are simply too embarrassed to re-approach these women and fear being seen as the desperate one. Do not stress yourself too much getting fur fetched ideas on how to get your ex girlfriend back.

From my research and investigations, I have managed to come up with reliable techniques on how to get your ex girlfriend back, believe me, follow this techniques carefully, you two will be back together and it will be like you never even broke up in the first place.

Break the Silence

After the break up, it is very obvious that the two of you stopped communicating. If you really want to get your ex girlfriend back, the first thing you have to do is create room for each other. This can only be done if the silence is broken and communication is established. In the case that you were very an, during the break up and you deleted her number from your contacts, try and dig deep into your old book, diaries, or even ask her friends and relatives for her number.

Once you have it, start with simple messages like “hello, hi, how are you doing?” this is a wonder trick, and it makes her feel like you never really forgot her. At first she may not reply to your messages, however, don’t give up, and show some patience and understanding but on top of it all don’t give up.

Kindly ask for a Face to Face Meeting

After a period of talking either through text messages or phone calls, kindly ask her for a face to face meeting. Remember, you have to be humble and very gentle when doing this. Do not show negative emotions in your conversation when her answer is “no”. The “no”, will in time become a yes only if you prove to her that you are patient and really want to meet her. Once she accepts, take her to her favorite joint, as her ex boyfriend you should know what her favorite joint is.

It should be a place she loved going with you, a place that prepares her favorite meals just the way you have always known she likes them prepared. This is very important because it shows her that you have not forgotten anything about betted will also give her a sense of comfort. Remember it Lathe simple things that mean and matter a lot.

Understand and Respect her decisions

In all of your conversations, it is important to always understand her and respect any decision she makes. Girls are very sensitive and even though you have a contradicting opinion about what she is saying, try approach’, her in a simple and humble way to make her understand and get your point. This will show her that you have also understood her point and respect it, but if she tried to adopt some logic from your point and add it to hers maybe things will be better. This will show her that you are understanding, respectful, and always have a supportive opinion about her problems.

Send her a Passionate Love letter and send Gifts

Make that extra mile, send her passionate love letters and gifts especially on occasions you know mean a lot to her. For example, during valentines, you can send her a fluttering message saying how great she looked the last time you were together and you wish you could meet more often or be together more.

Send her the simplest and most adorable presents that signify something to her. For example, you can send her the present you sent her during your first anniversary, or first night out. Try and get close to her, during her late parents or brothers memorials try and avail yourself if not possible send her encouraging letters and gifts to help her carry on through the hard times with you at heart.


Keenly follow these four steps if you really want to make a lasting impression on your ex girlfriend that will eventually lead her into your arms.

Know the secrets of how to get your ex-girlfriend back
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