Joshua Pellicer- the ultimate lady magnet

Joshua PellicerJosh Pellicer- the ultimate lady magnet is one of the leading pick up artists on the net. Josh was born on September 21, 1982 and he grew up in trailer park in Florida, United States. Pellicer learn Social Dynamics in North Carolina and this knowledge laid out foundation of his success in the dating world. He started his carrier as a gas station attendant where Josh worked several of years. In his early life Pellicer used to be an unconfident, shy and non-attractive man. During his childhood and early twenty’s he had bad experience at dating game with hot chicks. However Josh was not ready to acknowledge this failure and he determined that he will go to any distance until he able to achieve the results he desperately wanted against woman.

Josh already understood that he had to make some serious development in his personality and behavior in order to approach hot women if he really wants any success with them. As Josh was not rich enough that time and working on gas station he don’t have much money to spent although he bought various dating book and spent several hours every day searching various website where seduction idea and techniques were shared. After spending lot of money and time he try to use those idea and techniques what he learned but he did not find his success rate with women improved too much.

But Joshua was not frustrated he started to explore the psychology of women and how they settle on attractiveness and other important facts of seduction. He researched on human body language, effectiveness voice tone in seduction and what to say or what not to say in front of women. After doing research and excrement these techniques in his personal life Joshua understand that body language is one of the most essential factors of seduction success rate.
Joshua Pellicer move forward to next level and study more about relationships between men and women and that gave Josh more knowledge about psychology of women and affairs. After that one time failure Joshua become the ultimate lady magnet eventually he able to attract any hot ladies with the use of his seduction techniques.

After that Josh start to teach his seduction techniques to people who desperately needs help to become successful with women. He teaches various aspects of relationships and provides seduction tips to his students. He shares his techniques and experience on how a man can be more confident in his connections with women. He also teaches his student how to pick up right woman, start growing attraction. In this way Joshua become very popular relationship coach and dating consultant.

Joshua has his own radio show on the Sirius XM show called Game On where he gives advice to insecure people who are trying to find their dream girl. Since his radio show and personal coaching has become so successful in helping thousands of men he received thousands of request to write a dating guide for them and after a while he decided to share his thought and experience in a a book. Few years ago Josh published his own dating book and where he use his own seduction system and personal life experience and the book is called The Tao of Badass. In a short time Josh dating has gained a lot of popularity among the men who were trying to get woman. You will be surprised that this tao of badass is already sold 110 thousand copies all over the world.

This book is especially designed for those guys who desperately want to become a badass with women. In this dating guide Joshua ensures that his readers and followers able to learn confidence building system that actually makes them better-looking to women. As a result of his huge popularity he appeared regularly on The Today Show, New York Press and The New York Daily News also AOL News and a various popular TV shows.

Joshua Pellicer- the ultimate lady magnet
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