How to text a girl you like

How to text girlShe is so cute and you want to own her heart a soon as you can. You have her number, but you don’t have the right words and approach for her Okay then here is what you are lacking that can make you the guy she wants. You may have texted her recently, but you knew it was not in the right way. One thing most of us know is that the sole goal when texting a girl is to create the perfect atmosphere for a date as first as possible. Though you may not be the most attractive guy in town, this simple rule guides every man. The trick to a girl’s heart is making her smile. The faster you understand the proper approach that can make her smile the better.

Basic guidelines Keep them short There are some basic guidelines when texting a girl that every man should embrace. Top of the list is to keep your texts short. If you want to increase the chance of getting the girl excited, then try to minimize your words. Long messages are boring and she may not even read it with great interest. The good thing with short texts is that they create more questions thus dragging her into anticipating more.

Furthermore, short texts make her feel you are no too serious and you are willing to have some fun. Avoid some cliche texts The next thing is to avoid replying to all her texts. This one is tricky, but is carefully employed then the journey to a fancy date is shortened. If you answer all her questions, how will you make her wonder about you? Believe it or not, doing this lowers your ground and makes her feel you are a cheap guy. It can even be better if you don’t start the conversation.

If your start, then drag responses. Basically, this leaves her wondering if you are really interested or not There is nothing as good as somebody waiting for your response. Try your best to stay active It is the final tips that you must observe. Girls hate boring guys and will even avoid your texts if you are always boring.

Even if you are the most boring guy on earth, seize this opportunity and throw in some excitement. She is not even seeing you What the reason to be shy then? The best way to maintain a certain level excitement when texting is by providing her with funny stories. Own some wide collection funny topics and you will she will always text you expecting happiness.

Generally, it is easier to text a girl you just met, that place her a call. Text messages leave room for editing, giving you a chance to say the best thing the best way possible. However, texts can be tricky, leaving you wondering what to say, and how.

Here’s how to text a girl you like and make her like you back.

The very first text you send a girl determines whether you will have a chance to know her better, or even get her to like you Therefore, you need to be careful what you write before hitting that send button. First, know your objective. It could be either to ask a girl out or to make her notice you, as you chart a communication channel for the two of you Therefore, your first text to her should be simple, aimed at making her feel comfortable around you, even to tell her you are happy you met her. The text should come soon after you just met her and got her number. The longer you wait, the more awkward you’ll find it to text. The text should also have a greeting and your name on it, you may not be the only guy she met over the period. Don’t forget her name. It will make her feel like the text is really meant for her, and that you did think about getting in touch with her

Something like this could do

Hi Yna! Glad meeting you this morning. Derek.

Keep your texts appropriate for your communication stage. Do not rush to drop bombastic pick-up lines on her, or you would scare her away.

Keep your texts warm, but not outrageously so! After some time, you may want her to know you are interested in her By this time the girl has noticed you well enough, she is expecting for you to text her, and she is even thinking about you Warm your texts up. Text more often and give your texts a bit of a personal touch. You could say:

Hi Clare! I feel like such a caveman.) I’m sheltering under a rock! The rain caught up with in the fields.

In your texts, show consideration for the girl. Ask about her, how her weekend was, or about the exams she were taking. Whatever other information there may be in your text, make sure it is relevant so she is not left wondering, ‘And why are you telling me that?’

Punctuation could make all the difference. How to text a girl and meet your objective entails telling the right thing the right way. Punctuate your texts well, this would give them the kind of energy and life you would give your message in speech. Otherwise you could sound flat, and boring, and plain flat!

While text messages thrive on short forms and abbreviations, you do not want the very first texts you send a girl to leave them wondering what it is you want to say. Use short forms sparingly, you can always capitalize on them later, after you have won the girl, and she has known you better. In the meantime, keep being sensible and showing her that you really do take your time in every text you send her

How to text a girl you like
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