How to plan the perfect valentine’s day

plan valentines dayValentines day plans ideas Start the valentine’s day in a unique way by preparing a wonderful breakfast to your loved one. These sweet breakfast ideas will really make the day start in a very lovely way which your loved one will enjoy. Here are some recipes to use to prepare the breakfast to kick off the valentines with style;

1.Cranberry sweetheart scones They have a light texture and a fruity flavor which makes these scones a treat for your lovely sweetie. You should make the scones to be heart-shaped to match the theme of the valentines day, this will make him/her feel loved and appreciated.

2.Banana smoothie A banana frozen in the backbone will make a good smoothie, peel them off and store them in a freezer.

3.English muffins hearts English muffins which are homemade will be a real treat for the valentine’s day especially if its topped with butter and jam, these will make an unforgettable wonderful breakfast feast shared on a valentine’s day.

4.Heartfelt pancakes It is a good idea to serve some heart-shaped pancake to start off a valentine’s day

5.Oatmeal pancakes These are comforting and filling pancakes. You should try and add some chopped nuts and dried fruits to make it a special treat. Hope the breakfast you made was a treat to them. Now for them to enjoy the day; You should consider your loved one’s preferences. Whether they are obsess over music, sports, literature or any other topic, he/she adore upscale cuisines, likes romantic movies, you should settle only on one or two areas that are of much interest that you are sure your love loves, then establish from there.

Set the mood for the day

It may be that you are going out or staying in, a few things can be done to build a romantic ambiance setting the date in a very good mood. The dressing should be done with extra care for your appearance to match the date. Your speaking should be gentle, in loving tone. Stand or sit close to him or her, hold his/her gaze and smile.
Arrange a gift

The gift for this valentine’s day must not be huge or expensive. Think of what your loved one might like and go on from there. Suggestions for the gifts:

1.Traditional gifts of flowers on a valentine’s day are most enjoyed by women, you can choose to go for classic roses of any color, get a bouquet other favorite flowers. Red and pink roses are generally romantic colors; gardenias, tulips, roses, orchids and wildflowers are are as well good.

2.Stuffed animals are common.

3. Consider buying your loved one a card containing a handwritten message or make one yourself.

4.You should also try to be creative since some activities may be much greater than a bunch of items. consider a hike with a stay in a beautiful bed and breakfast, you may buy a ticket to enjoy a concert, taking a balloon ride over a city. These are the kind presents which last beyond the valentine’s day are not easily forgotten.

Plan a surprise for your date

Your love may not have anything planned for the day but you should not tell all you are doing to him/her. Surprise them by giving them flowers at in the day, or leave sweet notes posted allover the house, you may also prepare a candlelight dinner for them waiting as soon as they walk in the door.

Let them know the reason(s) why you love them Stretch the word love to give something a real meaning. Think deeply and go beyond the ordinary about the importance of that person in your life.

Focus on the food

Eating is an element that most valentine’s day are built around. Think of what type of cuisine you both enjoy. Be certain to work on any food allergies or restrictions on some diets. Cook at home. This will show your love the dedication to a memorable evening by cooking an elegant meal yourself. By this you may also customize the meal and prepare exactly what you and your love want. Arrange the salad in the shape of the heart, the cookie cutter used to cut out the bread should also be heart-shaped, pour the berry coulis for a cake in the shape of the heart.

After the meal, have chocolates, it should not be like the ordinary, warm the planned drinks.

How to plan the perfect valentine’s day
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