How to make your girlfriend ready for marrige

Some women wait and wait for their girlfriend to propose and say those magic words of, will you marry me. In some cases, it can be years before he decides it is time. Why does he procrastinate about asking? Most of the women are willing and able and that’s half the battle. However, the other half seems to be standing off to the side and doing nothing. Women feel that marriage binds the commitment and unifies their relationship.

Marriage is a huge step and a decision that shouldn’t be made in haste. It takes time to make sure that the two of you are compatible and establish a common ground in terms of goals and life direction. You can communicate your desires and any fears you may have but most importantly, he may have. He has to be ready for that ultimate step.

Keep in mind that just because you are a good match doesn’t mean that you will make a good marriage. If you don’t know what you want, start by telling each other what you don’t want. It is so important to make sure you can talk to each other and that you aren’t intimidated by each other. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you have been dating for a long period of time that you are a good match. It doesn’t matter how long you have been together if you can’t talk to each other. You don’t want to go along being married and then later find out that there is a big barrier between you.

Then there is the question about having children. If you are under the assumption that having children bring you closer together, you are seriously mistaken. If anything, they can break down a marriage. Several emotions can come into play once the children get here such as jealousy, intimidation, loneliness, etc. If the parents don’t how to work these things out then they can fester and cause major problems in a marriage. Therefore, you both need to discuss if you are ready for this situation.

Listed are some of the ways that you can help your girlfriend get ready for marriage.

1. Its important to discuss marriage in general. You want her to feel comfortable enough to give you his thoughts on the subject and knoll… how he really feels. If you have past experiences with marriages, share them with each other and how they influenced you. Then discuss the marriages that you are around and the views you have on their marriages such as family and friends like parents, sisters, best friends, etc. Especially get his views on other marriages in his family so you will know why he feels the way he does. Be sure to talk about your dreams and life before you get married. Discuss the possibility of having children, how many you want and how long do you want to wait before you start the family. Drop some hints to her that you should be married before you have children

2. Take her to the mall, look at diamond rings, and let her know which one you would like to have if you were married. Don’t go hog-wild and look at the most expensive one, you don’t want her to have a stroke before you get her down the aisle. Make time for more evenings spent at home or doing activities that couples do. If he gives up his persons night out for one spent with you then you can feel sure he is about ready for the next big step. Do things you both enjoy on the weekends such as playing games, watching movies or other fun things that you both enjoy

3. Look at a few wedding like items that you might get if you got married from a department store in the mall. Ask her if he would merge some of your finances to maintain some joint banking if you already live together. Go ahead and open up an account for simple household expenses that you already share such as cable. This is a go ahead for more things that intermingle your lives together.

4. Continue talking about the future. Ask her about his future and although you don’t want to push, see if he has made any plans for the future that includes you. Both of you should look at your lives to see if both of you see yourselves in each other’s future and if you do what role are you going to be playing? If he is thinking about the future maybe let you know that he is thinking of you about being around with you in the future years.

5. When you mention weddings, most men think dollar signs. Tell her you are not looking to have a large wedding and how. It would be fine, to have a small intimate wedding and how fun it could be to have a reception with just some close friends and family. Tell her how cheap you can find dresses and the sale prices you can get. If you are thinking about marriage with this man you should able to ask her if he wants to spend the rest of his life with you or if the love he has for you is still growing arid will continue to grow.

6. The last suggestion is to tell her how you feel and -ask her if he is ready to get married. Let her know that you are not trying to rush her but you are ready. It is important that he feel confident and ready and not pinned down.

Remember he is just a man and he has feelings to. He doesn’t always know how to respond, sometimes he over reacts and sometimes he under reacts. So be a good leader and if he is ready he will follow you straight to the alter and you can live happier ever after. All he knows is that he loves you and one thing will lead to the other.

How to make your girlfriend ready for marrige
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