How to make your girl friend Happy

how to make your girl friend happyYou know, Catherine Zeta-Jones the Oscar winners marry Michael Douglas in 2000, at that time Catherine was 31 and Michael Douglas was 56 and their relationship have remained solid despite several tough time. The age gap between Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas is 25 years but that don’t make any effect on their married life. Michael Douglas is often regarded by the media as a man who has been able to keep his partner happy. So how Douglas makes Catherine happy even there is huge age gap between them.

Well guys, if you want a happy and trusted relationship then you need to know how to make your girl friend happy. Do you want to be the ideal man for your girlfriend? Do you want to be the Mr. Right she has been looking for? Here are few major facts that you need to follow to make your girl friend happy

Spend quality time with her

Every engaged girl want to spend some quality time with her boyfriend. So don’t cancel or be late on date. Keep her company as much as you can and do funs stuff what she likes when you are together. You can introduce her with your friends and Compliment her to show that you are happy. These things will certainly make her happy.

Be caring

If you want to make your girl happy then you need to understand your girlfriend’s feelings and constantly show your love and attention. Maximum girls want other girl to see how much his man love and care her. They desire a man who is charming and caring; a man whose care they can get at every situation of his life.

Compliment her

Who don’t love complemented and praised? Especially girls who have boy friend desire complements from his boy friend. So to make your girlfriend happy, you have to appreciate your girl. Try your level best and make your voice loud; tell your girl friends how much you love her and how attractive she is. You will be amazed how much effect such simple complements can have on your girl friend heart. Completing her is the simplest way to keep your girlfriend happy.

Be romantic with her

Girls like romantic guy. You need to try avoiding too much monotony in your relationship. Try to do new thing every time, send her chocolates at home or arrange a surprise date or candle light dinner. Try making the relationship desirable to her. Do ever thing whatever you can do to ensure that your girlfriend is pleased both emotionally and physically.

Be patient and listen

Most girl friend have similar complain that their boyfriends don’t listen them. If you able to fix this complain you are winner, this is enough to make you girl friend happy. Be patient with your girl friend and don’t argue when she is angry.

Never forget important dates

To keep your name in the good book of you girl you need to ensure that you keep in mind all the important dates in your relationship like when you first met her, when you propose her, birthday of your girl or Valentine’s Day. In these you need to treat you girl friend with extra love and affection. Buy Special day gift for your girl friend that she really likes such as the beautiful dress, cosmetics and chocolates. This is an outstanding way to make her feel happy


You know what the reason behind maximum breakup? The reason that most relationships end is because of lack of communication between the partners. If you don’t communicate with your girl friend regularly she may think you are not giving her too much importance or you may be angry with her then problems begin to arise. So at any situation you need to inform her and let her know what is happening in your life that will increase the affection between you and your girl friend and she will be happy to give some advice and talk to you.

Make surprise dates

Do you ever find any man who does not love surprise? Every engaged girls wants to have some alone time with her boy friend, so surprise your girl friend with a surprise date and do everything you can, so that date is memorable for both of you. On the surprise date put your attention on her. Your mind and concentration should be about her throughout the entire day. You can watch movie, go for a candle light dinner that bring smile on your girl.

Present yourself dashing

Well if you want to make your girl friend happy then you need to dress up well and have good personality. Maximum girl want to see their man looks hot because they love discuss about how handsome and good looking their boy friend with their friend. So if you are not looking dashing then this can really embarrass your girl, so if you want to see you girl friend happy present yourself dashing that can other girl talking about your appearance.

Well at the end it can be said, if you follow above tips there is a big chance that your girlfriend will feel happy with you. Make sure you are there for her and show your affection and support that is enough to make her happy you can also check the tips and techniques describes in this dating guide. Making your girlfriend happy is not tough task at all, if Douglas can make Catherine happy, so why should not you!!

How to make your girl friend Happy
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