How to End an Extra-Marital Affair

End an Extra Marital Affairhere are many reasons that may have led you to become involved in an affair outside of your marriage, and if you are reading this article, you are likely trying to determine the best way to end the affair and move on with your life.  You’re not alone. Infidelity is alarmingly prevalent in our society today, and no matter what reason you have for your indiscretions, the tips that follow can help you put an end to your affair once and for all.

Be Sure that You’re Ready to End the Affair

In theory, it’s easy to walk away from a lover, especially if you are married, but in practice, it can be more than a huge challenge to ending affair.

. You are likely tied to the person emotionally, and severing your ties can be hard.  Is this what you really want? If so, be determined and stick to your guns.  If divorce is not in your plans, then putting a swift end to the affair and moving on is a prudent course of action.  Working on your marriage will be nearly impossible if you’re not committed to it, and remaining in the affair while you attempt reconciliation is not exactly being honest with your spouse, yourself, or your lover, now is it?

Break it Off Cleanly

If it were as easy as swearing off cigarettes or vowing to never drink coffee again, you likely wouldn’t be online looking for help in ending your affair.  But the truth is that it is difficult to stop an affair, and going “cold turkey” is the only way to go.  Rip that band-aid off off quickly. If you plan to stay in your current marriage, you are not doing yourself or your lover any favors by continuing with the current ruse.  Most affairs are short-lived, which makes it easier to say goodbye.  But this may not be the case if you have been seeing your lover for awhile.  Either way, end it and resolve to stick to your guns.

Don’t Be Mean

You may have shared some very good times with your lover, and there’s no reason to be mean-spirited when you decide to call it quits.  After all, they have feelings, too.  This means that sending them a text that says “it’s over”, is not an adult way to handle the situation.  Break the news to them gently, and give them the reasons that the affair has no future for you.

Be Prepared for the Consequences

It is often the case that the jilted lover does not wish to be wiped out of your life so swiftly, and completely.  They may try to get you to change your mind, and perhaps even threaten to expose the relationship to your spouse in order to scare you into staying.  Sound obsessive? Even the meekest people can show their fangs when they feel like they’ve been slighted or rejected, or passed over for someone else.  You can’t let their threats keep you in the affair, however.  It is better that your spouse find out than allow your ex-lover to control your life by holding the knowledge of the affair over your head.

When all is said and done, the time has come for you to examine the reasons that you strayed in the first place.  Do you still love your spouse? If you are having an affair, there is obviously something missing in your marriage.  Whether your marriage had become stagnant and you craved excitement, or whether you were feeling neglected or unappreciated, there is a reason that you were cheating.  Until you discover that reason, ending your extra-marital affair makes no difference.  You’ll likely just stray again.

How to End an Extra-Marital Affair
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