How to attract women by developing your innner game

A lot has been said and written on how to make one a success with women. Usually its the cheeky one-liners and the do’s and don’ts on how to respond to certain scenarios. However, when you get to nurture your inner game, one can easily arouse attraction form women without knowledge, it comes easily without dropping those sneaky techniques or memorized lines. Intelligent women can easily get to tell when you’re simply doing the motions and will often call you out on it.

So, what does one need to do in order to raise your inner game? Well, since it’s supposed to be natural, you don’t have to overdo it too much just like the same way you breathe without knowing you do so, the confidence will simply ooze out of you Here’s how:

1. Positivity is Key

Positivity is the way to go and women adore such characters around them. One should build a rapport in such a way that it mirrors women’s thought on various subject matter without getting too sucked into the emotional side of things. Don’t get pulled into depressing scenarios and dive in head first. Self belief becomes of the essence which goes a long way in boosting confidence. One should ensure they are not paranoid and constantly think they are the prime focus in a room full of people when approaching a girl.

2. Don’t Rush

Pick up lines give one the impression that once this and that lines follow one another, the lady will be as good as mine. Well, truth is, it’s never that straight-forward. Inner game takes time to nurture, once it kick in though, you may wonder why it took so long to come to such a realization on the ease of making small talk. Strong inner game is bound to attract a strong woman. Commit to nurture your inner game, no shortcuts are involved.

3. Don’t Stress on the Outcome

It’s always a choice of three things: yes, no or maybe. Never go out with the intention of spending the night with her in bed in the wee hours of the morning after a night out This may soil your outlook as you come out as one who tries too hard, too much just to impress her As nature would have it, women can always tell when you have no underhand intention and are simply looking forward to having a good time without a desired fixed outcome. They thus drift into the comfort zone with you and affection may brew.

Arranging meetings near your digs often so as to create that chance of a sleep over when thing get a little bit steamy may prove futile as women don’t care about all of that If you’re good enough for her, you’re good enough and she will be willing to travel whatever distance to spend some quality time with you So just be yourself and live the moment, have fun.

4. Have fun

Create conversations on matters on a light note, it’s the silly things you say that may just make the difference between impressing a woman or just being a bore. Women love fun characters around them who can create happy moments in what would otherwise be a gloomy scenario. Having fun also allows one to not focus too much on the rejections and negatives of life.

5. Be Outgoing and Spontaneous

A little spontaneity never hurt anyone. Amazing experience are always derived out of simply going out and exploring. One gets to learn loads of things about the surrounding that they were previously blind to Women like characters who are spontaneous and admire the anticipation of what due next. So, once again make split second decisions and experiment every once in a while.

6. Be grateful

Learn to be satiated with the much you have, never want to have absolute control of every situation as it’s such a turn off for women. When things don’t go your way, move on and plan on what’s next up your sleeve and the eventual result will be next to bliss.

7. Live your life

Never procrastinate on when to make an approach on a woman whilst she’s caught up somewhere else far off probably at work. Thought on times you two could probably have does more harm than good as she starts becoming the centre of your life.

You have a life, so live it Inner game ensures that when the opportunity knocks, you’ll take it with both hands wide.

How to attract women by developing your innner game
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