How Joshua Pellicer Transformed Himself From Being Shy and Insecure Around Women to an Expert in the Art

Joshua Pellicer started out with humble beginnings just like most men. Born and raised in a trailer park in Florida, he was shy and insecure and had no idea how to be attractive to women, failing miserably at the dating game.

Never content to accept this failure, Joshua was driven to improve his dating game, so he invested his spare cash in educating himself on the art of seduction by purchasing courses on seduction and dating, spending many hours each day on seduction websites, picking up new tips on how to use body language, tone of voice, and the psychology of women to understand how attraction works, and then applying those techniques out in the real world to learn the truth for himself about what techniques really worked and what didn’t.

Through trial and error he developed his own system of attraction or ‘inner game’ that led him to great success with women, leaving many of the neighborhood guys wondering in awe what he was doing to always bring home the hottest women around.

Joshua Pellicer in studio for Maxim RadioLater when he went to college in North Carolina to study Social Dynamics, he started learning more about attraction and relationships between men and women, even starting his own radio show to share what he learned with other insecure men who needed help with their dating game.

A few years ago, Joshua took his work on dating, seduction, and relationships to the next level when he created his course, The Tao of Badass, in which he shares all of his secrets on dating and attracting women that he learned along the way.

So as you can see from Joshua’s story, even if you start off with very little success in the dating game, that doesn’t mean you are doomed forever. Through hard work and the willpower to learn, any man can overcome his shyness and insecurities and start landing the hottest women on the block by unleashing his natural powers of attraction and the art of seduction.

How Joshua Pellicer Transformed Himself From Being Shy and Insecure Around Women to an Expert in the Art
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