How deal with Last Minute Resistance

Although I have a bunch to share on all different levels of LMR, in different situations, let me start with this:

“The third drove to my house from over an hour away to spend the night. As she laid in my bed, she interrupted my kissing her neck to say, “If you trying to get it in, it’s not gonna work.”

She drove the hour to get to you. She planned on spending the night. Not only has she invested the hour driving, she planned on sleeping over. The sex was prevalent in her mind already and another good place to capture the frame.

Staying with ‘Observation without evaluation’ of the facts on the table to what you say out loud makes it easier.

All you were doing was kissing her neck and SHE jumped things to sex. Instantly I would have read what she said as obvious as what she implied.

She interrupted my kissing her neck to say, “If you trying to get it in, it’s not gonna work.”

Reply: “Whoa missy, slow it down. All we’re doing is playfully kissing and all you can think about is sex. I am not that easy, I was just enjoying your neck.”

I like to get girls very worked up, very aroused, then stop for a break while it sinks in. This gives her desire a chance to build up incredibly. everything that was happening has a chance to soak in, now the absence of it shows her what she like better. Maybe I can see she is getting wicked aroused from just kissing her neck so I will return the arousal I am getting for her showing I am aroused too but then I stop and stand up.

“I’m getting a glass of water, do you want one?”

Usually she staring at me with shocked, pie plate eyes, maybe she beckons me to come back to her. “Ok, in a minute, I’ll be right back.” She see a great discipline in this and feels her desire to spite the man’s discipline.

When I come back, I would maybe sit in a nearby chair finishing my water, chatting about another silly subject. Then when I come back to her, the desire has grown enough to want me back in bed with her emphatically.

This shows a great discipline and that while she is in those high moments, she could lose your direct interest in escalating as much as she has.

Usually at the first sign of any LMR from a girl, I will stop the make out right away and move to do something else. I will frame her as the one pursuing escalations and show her that by stopping the momentum, she may lose it all in those moments.

With any type of LMR comment, I just agree with her: “Totally. You are going way to fast for me, you just had me lost in the moment for a second. Thanks for reminding me. ” and I stand up to check my email or something. Then I show her, she was one going too fast and ‘almost had me going further than I want yet’.

From that first LMR, this shows her a small takeaway to decide, that the affections she was enjoying are taken away form her resistance (which may just be her anti-slut reflex kicking in). This takeaway happens rather than a reward of a guy just trying harder. If she wants to resist this moment we are both enjoying, it will go away so if she likes what is happening she better do what she can to keep it going.

It is another great part of generating and maintaining the momentum of her doing the chasing. It is much easier to tease her to her largest orgasms when she is the one trying to escalate things to sex any time there is an intimate opportunity.

How deal with Last Minute Resistance
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