Dating Tips For Men

Dating tips for men is one of the vital issues that many men lack in their relationships. It’s so unfortunate that even in 21st century, many men do not have the skills, the tactics and the different ways to make a mark and be the chief controllers in dating women. This has contributed to premature end of many relationships.

Many men in the world of dating have had it rough in achieving even a little success due to expectation that women will do the rest. However, as a man, you are supposed to give direction and be in full control of the relationship at all times. On the other hand, women too expect you as a man to take control and if you don’t, they easily get bored and move away as it is in their nature.

Do you want to be the man your girlfriend talks about before her friends every time? Do you also want her to feel that she finally landed on Mr Right? Here are top dating tips that many men have used and everything in the relationship has been fruitful than never before.

Best Dating Tips for Men

Regrettably, many men act like men and not like gentlemen. This is contributed by their uncaring nature, ignorance and sometimes thinking that dating is just a game and not a serious issue. Women, for your information move with the flow of the wind meaning that the way you act is exactly the way you will be treated.

You give them bad, you receive worse and so on which eventually terminate the once termed bright relationship. As a man, employ these best tips and everything will change immediately and she will treat you like a king.

Be a Gentleman

Many men act as men and not as gentlemen. As a man, you are expected to have certain qualities to entice your girlfriend and make her feel loved all the time. One of the key things every man should uphold is the power of understanding. When a girl doesn’t talk to you it does not mean that she doesn’t love you and you should not react the same way.

This is because women are known to have mood swings caused by hormones. Secondly, a man should be a man when it comes to catering of bills especially the first date. Don’t expect your bills to be catered for by a lady at this age. If you take her out, be ready to cover the cost of everything. This not only shows your potential but also the ability to take care of her.

Always Carry Your Manners with You

Women in general do not like ill mannered men who behave like kids. They expect you to be mature and act your age. Avoid confronting her in public but rather talk to her nicely about the issue in privacy. Also, never ever say something that could embarrass her in public at all costs.

They like being treated with respect and even if there is something wrong with her, please keep it to yourself. Furthermore, be proud of her in front of others since women love show offs. This will tighten the relationship every second of the day and make your dating moments worth remembering.

Misused Dating Tips for Men

Many men tend to misuse below tips without knowing that it negatively impacts on their relationships.

Being Too Possessive

As a man, you are not supposed to be possessive with your woman as this is a sign of insecurity and fear. Doing so could make a girl know your weakness and capitalize on it. Give her free time to socialize with other people without watching and trying to find out where she is or who she is with. Let her free to socialize and she will just be yours at the end of the day.

Over Confidence

This applies more on the first date as many men go with their heads high. It’s advisable not to be overconfident when dealing with women since they might misjudge it and take it as if you are proud of yourself. Avoid talking about how you have dealt with other beautiful women and such like stuff as this will simply turn them off and lose interest in you. In other words, keep off from boasting and withhold it till marriage.

Daily Dating Tips for Men

If any man wants to be the leader when it comes to dating, these tips must stay at hand.

Pay Attention

It’s obvious that every woman needs a man who gives her all the attention. Therefore a serious man who is dating is expected to pay attention to all his woman’s needs to ensure a successful and wonderful dating relationship. Don’t try to ignore her but show a sign of commitment to what she talks of even if it shall take sometime to fulfill. Also, whenever with other people, give your woman a priority by listening to her.

Compliment Her

Telling your woman she is beautiful on a daily basis won’t cost you anything. Try to appreciate her beauty every now and then and for sure, you will love her feedback in terms of giving you love and caring about you always.

Ask a Woman Friend for Advice

You always hear that dating is simple and should come naturally, but this is only true for a certain percentage of men. Before you start dating again, ask a female friend out for lunch and tell her exactly how your last date went from start to finish. Tell her what you wore, where you went to eat, etc. She will let you know what you did right and what was completely wrong, which should definitely help on you next date.

Have Confidence!

Confidence is more important than anything else when it comes to getting a date. A good way to practice having confidence is by talking to women you have never met before. If you are good at something, for example playing guitar or skiing, try talking about that, because your confidence will shine through when discussing something you know about.

Take Her Somewhere You Know

If you are comfortable with your surroundings it will help immensely with your date. Knowing the menu and the wait staff at a restaurant will impress your date. If you are comfortable chances are she will be too.

Keep Your Identity

After you have been on a couple of dates and things are going well, it’s time to really get to know the other person. Don’t get so caught up in the excitement of a new person that you end up with someone who hates baseball when you have season tickets to the Dodgers. You will only end up resenting each other in the long run.

Be the Best You!

Hopefully you don’t need to pretend to be someone else to get a girl, but chances are you need to be the best person you can possibly be. Have a good attitude, dress well, take a shower, and be a good listener.

Date Check!

If a date seems like it’s going well and you aree really into her, see if she feels the same way periodically through the night. Lean close to her and see what her reaction is. Does she lean back or even take a step away from you? If so, she is not into you. She may even be repulsed by you.

Do You Want to Kiss Her?

If the date is coming to a close and you don’t want to kiss her, there may be a chemistry problem. Women often take two or three dates to figure out if there is any chemistry, but men are not like that. If you don’t feel it, just enjoy the date and move on.

If She’s Nuts, Run!!

If she strikes you as crazy on your first date, it may be time to quickly pack up and run away. No matter how hot she is crazy is not something you can handle. And it will not suddenly disappear. Once crazy, always crazy.

Avoid One Liners

They are lame. No matter how clever you think your pickup line or one liner is, do not do it. Humor is fine, but sarcasm is not appropriate until you get to know someone a little bit better.

Don’t End the Date with I will give you a Call

This is a huge mistake, whether you want to call her or not. If you don’t ever mean to call her, then all you’ll end up doing is hurting her feelings. If you are going to call her, then you have just used one of the lamest and stereotypical lines in history and you very well could have just shot yourself in the foot. Many women won’t even answer calls from guys who said I’ll call you.

Dating is supposed to be fun, so definitely try to enjoy yourself at all costs. While not necessarily a tip, you need to take yourself a little less seriously in order to have a successful dating experience. If you can manage this while following the dating advice for men detailed above you should have success with finding the right woman for you

The above tips have been used by different men and have proven to be very successful. Many have regarded them as the best collection of dating tips for men with effectiveness and ability to make every woman love you.

Dating Tips For Men
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