5 Mistakes Most Guys Make – Relationship Advice

mistake man makesYou can find endless amounts of relationship advice online, in books, from friends….wherever. But regardless of what action you take on the dating advice you find, just try to avoid these 5 dating mistakes.

Mistake #1 – Being Too Nice

I know it sounds crazy but its true. For whatever reasons women aren’t attracted to the nice guys. Ever wonder why the most attractive women tend to fall for the bad boy? Its because she has a deep level of attraction to him.

And while I am not advising you to go out and be a jerk to every girl you met, I am saying that trying to be a nice guy to win her over won’t work. If she’s not attracted to you then she’s just not attracted to you and being overly nice won’t change that.

Mistake #2 – Trying To Buy Her Love And Affection

Listen fellas, you can buy a woman all the nice gifts you want but it doesn’t mean she will like you. If anything she will start to use you cause she knows she can get anything out of you. When you try to buy a women’s love and affection you are basically telling her that who you are not enough.

You are saying “hey, my money is really all I have to offer you. So to get her attention I am willing to spend all of it.” And while your intentions may be good, a woman will look at this as a sign of insecurity. You aren’t secure in who you are as a man so you try to buy her. And if there is one thing that really turns a woman off it’s a insecure man.

And in some cases the woman might even see this as a form of manipulation. So avoid trying to buy a woman’s love and affection. It will never work.

Mistake #3 – Letting Your Feelings Be Known Too Soon

Even if you feel like this is the person you will spend your life with, don’t tell her just yet. Attractive women get approached all the time and there is a good chance she has heard a ton of different men say this to her. So if she hears it from you after only the second date it will more then likely turn her off.

So control yourself. Just relax and let things flow naturally. Eventually the perfect time for you to tell her how you feel will come.

Mistake #4 – Not Understanding What Women Are Attracted To

When it comes to attraction men and women are completely different. For men its all about looks. A man sees a very attractive woman and he pretty much falls in love on the spot. But for a woman looks are a very small part of the equation.

Women are attracted to certain qualities more then how a man looks. For them its all about how a man makes them feel. So instead of trying to impress her with those big muscles show her that you have a caring side. Show her that she would be safe with you. That’s what women want more then anything. They want to feel safe and secure with the man they choose to be with.

Mistake #5 – Not Being Confident Enough

This is probably the biggest mistake of all. Most men will see an attractive woman and immediately think they aren’t good enough. They will think they don’t have enough money or they don’t look good enough to peak her interest.

So instead of approaching the woman they will just fall back and let the next man come along. Confidence is the most important factor when it comes to dating. Women love a man with confidence. It doesn’t matter what car you drive or how much money you have in the bank, if you are confident you will attract more women then you ever imagined.

When it boils down to it dating is not easy. I mean let’s face it, no one wants to be rejected. And while men like to play tough, most of them are very sensitive and have the same fears as women. But if you can avoid the 5 mistakes I just listed, you can literally turn your dating life around overnight. No matter who you are or what you look like, you can still attract beautiful women and stand out from the crowd.  Just be cool and confident. That’s a combination no woman can deny.

5 Mistakes Most Guys Make – Relationship Advice
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