10 characteristics quality of a good girlfriend

qualities of perfect girlfriendWe’re all looking for her but and what could be more useful when looking than some tips for what specifically to look for Let me share with you the qualities of the perfect girlfriend that you should be looking for.

Look fore woman who is confident. If she is confident she won’t always look to you for reassurance about how she looks or acts. She won’t care if you look at other women as she believes she’s better and that you can’t do better than her.

Confidence aside the next thing to look for is someone who is fun. You want someone you look forward to being with A person who will laugh at your jokes and tell you some jokes of their own is perfect.

She has to be sexy to you This can be from her looks, her personality, the way she treats you It does not matter but this sexiness is a must have for a relationship. A lot of this comes from her confidence and this will show through.

A girl who is independent is a must. Someone who gives you your space and also wants her own is a big plus. This usually means that she will be able to financially support herself and may even mean you don’t always have to pay the bill every time.

Trust and honesty are vital in a relationship. Someone you can be honest with and who can be honest with you cannot be underestimated. With honesty you can build the trust that is so important in every relationship.

Intelligence is a necessity. They don’t have to be a rocket scientist just able to hold a conversation and engage with you on the subjects that matter to you They might even educate you on topics that matter to them. An ability to compliment and support you is also important. There is nothing better than hearing how you make her feel safe or that you should have got that job. It even helps if she compliments your bad cooking once in a while.

A girlfriend who accepts your friends and family and also is able to get on with them is a great quality to find. That means there is less times when you have to make choices about who to spend time with But given a choice choose her!

It’s very attractive if she lets you meet her friends. Both the female friends and the male ones. This will keep your jealousy at a minimum. It also shows her friends, the world and you that she is proud to be with you. Loyalty cannot be underestimated. If she disagreed with you she would never tell you in public. Instead she’d wait until you were both on your own and tell you She will also defend you when you’re not around.

Here’s hoping that you can find someone with all of the 10 qualities of the perfect girlfriend that we’ve talked about. They are hard to find but hey are out there. Happy hunting.

10 characteristics quality of a good girlfriend
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